Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Ear Ring is Actually in the Left Ear

 Good news nobody!  I fixed my scanner!  It only took my two hours but now I can share things like this,

Did that ruin your childhood?

I'm not sure what works better, the scanned drawings or the paintbrush drawings, wither way it's shit.  I'll probably just do whatever I feel like from time to time.

So after that disaster, I'll try and to an actual post tomorrow, I've brainstormed some stuff I want to do I just need to actually do it.  I spent too much time playing Dead Rising 2 today, and it's amazing.  I love duct taping bowie knives to punching gloves and pretending to be Wolverine.  I wonder how much boxing gloves and bowie knives cost...

One last thing, here's a picture of myself because today I felt like I had lesbian hair, which is a common thought for me.  No matter how I get my haircut, I always feel like I look like a lesbian, not that there's anything wrong with that.  It's just I'm a guy, and I look like a girl who likes to wear a strap-on and fuck other girls in the ass.